Avid MC Vaporizes on exit from Mocha interface

Title: Avid MC Vaporizes on exit from Mocha interface

Version: 2021 v 8.0.3 build 19gad747e6f19f1

Platform: Avid Media Composer 2018.12.14
macOS 10.14.6
MacPro (late 2013)
2.7 GHz, 12 core Intel Xeon E5

Description: About 1 time out of 10 when I save and close the Mocha Pro interface, Avid vaporizes. It may be after I do a stablize, but I’m not sure.

Steps to reproduce: I apply the Mocha Pro effect to a clip, click on Renders and choose either stabilize or composite. Then Launch Mocha Pro. Work on the clip, then close.

Regression: I don’t remember it happening this often.

Additional data: When it does happen, is there anything I can send you (logs somewhere)? It isn’t an urgent problem, I just thought it’d be something you’d want to investigate.

Harry Miller

I’m sorry. This got posted with the wrong title in the wrong forum. Don’t know how that happened.


Hi, Harry,

I renamed the topic and moved it to the Mocha Pro channel. I’ll let the mocha team take it from there.