Avid MC Vaporizes on exit from Mocha interface

Version: 2021 v 8.0.3 build 19gad747e6f19f1

Platform: Avid Media Composer 2018.12.14
macOS 10.14.6
MacPro (late 2013)
2.7 GHz, 12 core Intel Xeon E5

Description: About 1 time out of 10 when I save and close the Mocha Pro interface, Avid vaporizes. It may be after I do a stablize, but I’m not sure.

Steps to reproduce: I apply the Mocha Pro effect to a clip, click on Renders and choose either stabilize or composite. Then Launch Mocha Pro. Work on the clip, then close.

Regression: I don’t remember it happening this often.

Additional data: When it does happen, is there anything I can send you (logs somewhere)? It isn’t an urgent problem, I just thought it’d be something you’d want to investigate.

Harry Miller

This sounds like a bug we will have to look into and I will loop @Martinb in so we can investigate further.

In the meantime, though, try turning off GPU processing in your Mocha preferences and seeing if it stops the problem. Let us know?

Thank you Mary. I keep forgetting to turn off the GPU. I’ll report on how it works.


The crash report would be useful, just to see what’s going on.

Which report and where would I find it? See the system on my original post.

So far, no crashes since turning off GPU processing.

There usually should be a crash report dialog that comes up after the software fails.
The "Report… " button should have the full text of the report.

Hey Martin. It just vaporized after doing a stabilize. I’ve attached the crash report.


AvidMediaComposer_2021-07-08-113800_Catalysts-Mac-Pro.crash.txt (623.1 KB)

Thanks Harry, i’ll forward this to the dev team and see if they can find the crash point.

Harrry, can you try getting the crash report from the Mocha UI? The Avid crash log is informative, but we need to see the exception coming from Mocha:

  1. Open the Console app, from Applications > Utilities in Finder.
  2. Select User Reports.
  3. Locate crash reports for the “mochaui” in the list. Logs are listed by app binary name.
  4. Right-click the desired log’s file name.
  5. Select Reveal in Finder.

Hi Martin. I didn’t find any crash reports in the User Reports folder. I only found reports in the System Reports folder. I didn’t delete or clear anything, so don’t know why what you asked for isn’t showing up.

Let me know if anything else would help. Thanks.

mochaui in DiagnosticReports.zip (41.9 KB)

Thanks. Unfortunately, this doesn’t contain any crash information, but i’ll pass it on regardless to see if it helps.

Next time you get the crash, have a look again and see if a mochaui*.crash file turns up. Thanks!

Hi Martin. It just crashed. I’ve attached the Avid crash report. A mocha usage data file. I’ve done a search for ‘mochaui’ and only come up with a couple of .plist files and a folder that ends with ‘.savedstate’.

(Attachment AvidMediaComposer_2021-07-14-172612_Catalysts-Mac-Pro.crash is missing)

usage_data-mocha.txt (8.82 KB)

Seems like the crash report didn’t attach Harry!

Hmm. Okay, here’s another try.

crash report_data usage.zip (60.2 KB)

Hey Martin. Crashed again. Still no mochaui crash log. Attached is the Avid log. Would be happy to find another log if it would help.

(Attachment AvidMediaComposer_2021-07-16-143144_Catalysts-Mac-Pro.crash is missing)

Here is the attachment. When I send by email (rather than on the forum), the website won’t post my attachment because it has an extension ‘.crash’. So, I’m posting here.

  • Harry

AvidMediaComposer_2021-07-16-143144_Catalysts-Mac-Pro.crash.txt (783.0 KB)