Avid particle illusion freeze and crashes

Hi…so every time I launch Particle illusion within Avid’s Effects Editor, it causes everything to freeze and crash. I was running 2021.9 and no solution. I upgraded to 2022.10 and it still happens. Ive been working with BorisFX Support but it’s still keeps happening…and just that…Sapphire works fine, the other Continuum features work well also…only Particle illusion is having the issues. I just bought BorisFX and im kinda disappointed. Not sure what else to do.

Is it possible to do a screen recording and post that so we can see exactly what’s happening, and exactly what steps you’re taking?

Some maybe obvious things:

  • Reboot the system. Does it still happen?
  • If this is Windows, can you update the video driver? (Not sure if Avid needs specific driver versions so this may not be possible)
  • Does this happen even with a fresh project in Avid?
  • Have you checked Task Manager (Windows) or Activity Monitor (Mac) to see what your memory usage situation is?
  • Does Particle Illusion run in standalone mode? (When launched directly, not from Avid)


Hi Alan, so rebooting does nothing to it…it still behaves the same way. Opening it by itself(stand alone) works fine. I did find something out new today…when I open it from Avid and Avid starts to freeze up, it goes back to normal if I exit the Particle_Illusion work space. But while Particle_Illusion is open, Avid wants to freeze and crash. Something is up with the relationship between the 2 for sure. Ive never used any screen recording software so I will have to do aome research in order to record my screen.
Ive followed what BorisFX Tech support instructed as far as deleting folders and Registry keys, but it’s still not working properly.

While Particle Illusion UI is open, you can’t use Avid (or any other host). The host is waiting for PI to finish and close. So this sounds like expected behavior.