Avid Plug-in

Just started trying to do some removes with this after watching the video of last weeks stream. After finally getting it to work I get the following error when quitting back into Avid

BlipPlayer::NonThreadedPlayBlipField: Timed out waiting for single field player to stop. If scrubbing a complex sequence of unrendered effects consider rendering them for better performance.

After awhile i get the player screen back and can render, but rendering the short 4k scene takes close to 2 hours!

Hi there,
Yeah, it sounds like you’re having trouble getting it to play based on GPU speed, can you try simply knocking it down to proxy mode in Avid? Also, depending on the length of the shot you should be able to adjust your step or frames before and frames after settings in the remove tab to make the remove process lighter weight? Try that and let me know.


I have tried the above. The shot is 355 frames long . The footage was 4k, but the project is 1080p. I was running Avid MC 8.61, just upgraded to 8.62. I’m on a 2012 iMac 3.4gHz i7 with 32gb ram and Nvidia 680mx with 2gb ram. Just playing with it again now waiting for a render that started as showing 1.5 hours and is now showing almost 5 hours left. Working in the mocha plug was fine and the proxy rendered quickly, but after exiting back to avid, mouse response was very slow and with some hangup delays before being able to hit the render key

Since the original post the render time has now dropped to 18 minutes . I liked 5 hours better .I’m heading out for a bike ride :slight_smile:

OK, thats a lot better as far as render times go. But in general we are working on performance speed improvements as well. Thank you for letting us know.

The other anomaly is that the avid effects editor sometimes disappears and reappears after returning to Avid from Mocha. And I’m still going for that bike ride :slight_smile:

OK, I am going to loop Martin in. Thanks! Enjoy your bike ride!