Back in the premiere tracking is off

I did everything by Replace Screens in Adobe Premiere with Mocha Pro - YouTube but when I go back to premiere the tracking is off even thought back in mocha it’s all looks fine. Except the fact it’s stretched vertically for some reason Screen below

I can render the clip in mocha but another problem I encounter along the way. If I import a clip (which fits the screen fine ) instead of insert layer the clip is frozen on the first frame for some reason!

OK, that’s a bit odd. Is there a retiming effect on the clip? As a rendered insert it should just work, so something is affecting the way the clip is being fed into Mocha and returned to the timeline.

Retiming effect? Is this regarding the premiere?

What could be affecting the clip when you import it? It’s just frozen

Yes, in Premiere have you applied any time warping or other effects onto the clip before Mocha?

Can you try nesting the clip in Premiere and applying Mocha and see how that renders back to the timeline?

Nope. None

If I nest I will have to redo all the tracking and masking again which is something I don’t wanna do

I don’t understand why an imported clip get frozen in Mocha even IF I pick its layer and play on the time line. That’s the faster to solve than all the premiere mess with tracking off and weirdness as to why only lower left corner is insert mocha as insert layer.

UPDATE: Some clips get inserted just fine (not frozen) others are. They are all render with the same settings. That’s even more puzzling.

I am trying to troubleshoot, I am not sure why either. I’d really have to see your file and see what is going on with it. If it renders fine in Mocha, I would for now export that clip and bring it back into premiere if you are on a deadline and we can troubleshoot this file on Monday? Send me an email at maryp at and I will set up a remote session to see what is happening.

Some clips get inserted just fine (not frozen) others are. They are all rendered with the same settings. That’s even more puzzling. I’ve tried the same clip rendered with other codes still the same thing.
I’ve tried clips of different length and it seems that clips less than 5-7 secs get frozen more than 5-7 play just fine

What happens if you render that section of the timeline in Premiere?

It works just fine apart from tracking off and the zoomed left bottom corner.

Gonna do a workaround: Double the length of the clip and then cut off the unnecessary bit

Yep SUCCESS! The workaround worked! Rendered in Mocha!
Apparently there’s some kinda bug in Mocha that freezes imported clips that are less 5-7 sec in length

Mary. Add the bug on the fix list. Not urgent though at all.

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I’ll let @martinb know we need to do some tests. What was the codec and the version of Premiere and Mocha?

Mary it happens right in Mocha 2021 (build 801) I don’t know about Premiere since as I posted above it didn’t work for me properly so doing in mocha alone was a faster workaround

Do you know what codec you were using?

Hm? I rendered it in Mocha with the ProRes (the only option available )

Ah, sorry for the confusion, what codec are you reading into Premiere?

Reading into? What does that mean?
Premiere? Now I’m totally confused. What has it got to do with Premiere? As I said before once I rotos showed up screwed in Premiere I abandoned trying to figure why and opted out for looking for a workaround as to why an imported clip in Mocha froze in the first frame. I didn’t make any render in Premiere or didn’t really try to fix the issue there as it looked to screwy to fix.

In premiere, what are the codecs for the media you originally imported to create your edit that originally had mocha fail on?

Oh It’s surely not the issue. That’s the first thing I tried - to render with other codecs and imported into premiere. Are we talking about why tracking is off when we’re back in premiere after mocha OR why an imported clip frozes in Mocha? (The answer to the latter is a video that is less than around 7 sec long no matter what the codec is (X264, H264 NVENC, ProRes).)

Thanks, when we do QA tests we need to be as close to the original setup as possible to figure out what is going on and where.