Background color in Title Studio

When using the Title Studio I have extreme difficulty figuring out the status of option buttons because the color is the same black as that of the background of the Title Studio. Is there any way to change the background color of Title Studio to another?

In Title Studio, go to Edit / Preferences / Appearances (tab) and you can change the colors of the Window, Text, Timeline Selection, Frame Cache Color and Background Color by clicking on the relevant color rectangle and then use the color chooser window that opens to select the desired color. Then hit OK and then OK on the Preferences window. You’ll need to ‘refresh’ Title Studio by just clicking on a title in the timeline’s track header to get the color change to update.

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Hi Check out the Veteran Video Editor on youtube, he when through changing the screen setting to a better more reading color scheme in this tutorial. it would be in one of his first 3 or 4 tutorials on Title Studio.


HI Jack, what Title Studio tutorial video do you have them new screen color scheme setting in.

Hi Drew. Tutorial 52.

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Thank you very much for your kind and quick response. With your suggestion my difficulty could be relieved. I found that when the color of the Windows is changed, the color of buttons in Control Window changes too. Therefore, the difficulty to see the buttons clearly can not be improved much unless the color of the buttons in Control Window could be controlled. Once again thank for your kind explanation.


No worries.

Other then the ones with a dropdown menu, Umm ,i dont think there really is a button, but more just text on a background and that’s it. unless you click or mouse slide over a parameter then a white box appears to except your input. myself, i see no lines around them to outline a button, but i could be wrong.