Bad Arguement Provided

Hi! I am trying to use a ProRes clip in Mocha Pro Plugin and I am getting a Bad Argument provided screen!! The Clip is a Meda Encoder Export to ProRess 422 from a Red /r3d file in 5120x2700. But if I use the original .r3d file Mocha Pro work fine!!! I am using After Effects 2019 in a Mac with High Sierra 10.13.6 Can someone help with this!!! I want to track in Mocha Pro with the lower bitrate ProRes and then swap the file to the .r3d for final output!!!

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Hi Ariel,

Please make sure you have the proper prores codec installed. If you do, let me know, and I will try to reproduce this error on our side to test and see if it is a bug.

Please let me know and I will be happy to help you.


You seem to have a negative frame range. Is this the case in the AE timeine?

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No It just a After Effects render in Apple ProRes 422 of a .r3d Red file in 4K. The curious thing is that I can do the same Render in Davinci Resolve 15 and it just works fine!!! I have the problem only with Adobe encodes!! AE, Premiere, AME. I am just making the encodes in Resolve!!! It is much faster also!!!

In a another topic I am getting slow performance in Mocha Pro Plug in in AE with 4K and 5K Apple ProRes Videos!!! Does the codec influence Mocha Pro plug in performance? What codec or file extension will be the best to use for 4k and 5K decent performance!!! I am using a MAc Pro with 64GB Ram and a Nvidia 1080 TI 11GB Video Card!! ???

I got the same error message, and the “reversed time” in the clip was the issue.