Basic Q: Stabilize 1st, then insert still

This is very basic, but as I’m often working ‘Offline’ I couldn’t figure out a way to do a stabilize pass first-
then insert sth. into the stabilized footage- all in one pass.
Could go the ‘export’ route, but an ‘all-in-one’ workflow would be better.
So when handing it to Onlining, they wouldn’t have to do the export in high res a.s.o.
Is it possible?

Hi there,

You could try nesting the stabilized shot into a container, depending on your host. In AE that would be a precomp, in Premiere, it’s nesting, in Avid it is also called nesting.

Then you could apply a new Mocha instance on top of that and see if it works for you. It will depend on the host as to whether or not this workflow plays nice. In AE, it works, I am not sure about editing hosts all working the same for this workflow.


Thank You Mary, so it’s a nesting process anyway. I’ll try your proposal, but AVID…nesting…ugh.
Let’s see.
Just thought it might work in one rush inside the GUI.

Avid you basically have to trick into compositing, since it’s really a hardcore editing program and does that very well but isn’t really designed for more robust compositing tasks, so it might work. Try it and let me know? I can see if I can figure it out on my end too.

Hi Mary. The nesting works. I did the ‘insert’ into the shaky footage, then nest, then stabilize.
Does it for me.
Thanks for your idea.

That’s great! I am glad to hear it.