Basic Removing - can't find help through tutorials

Hello everybody. I got a big problem. I’m an editor and my supervisor asked me to remove a logo for some shots. Sadly I’ve never used any removal software and since we have a tight deadline for this project I tried to learn mocha asap. Thank god this program is very intuitive and helped me get through most of the footage but I have some problems in some shots.

I try to remove the tiger logo but when a hand or anything else is hovering over the area where the removed logo is it’s producing weird artifacts and major lightning changes. Someone told me to use multiple cleanplates but I think there has to be an easier workflow around it.

I’ll stick an imgur album with my post so u can understand it better.


I hope to get some support, thank you very much!




Here is what I would try.


Make sure the hand is completely masked out for all frames.

Create clean plate and check use clean plate only.

Check the linear lighting illumination model when rendering using the Remove Module.

If this doesn’t work, try the interpolation mode.


Alternatively, try this:

Create clean plates at frames where the lighting changes are most extreme.

Check the use clean plates only option in the remove module and render.

Export the mask shape to add grain over just the modified area in your compositing application if you wish.

Hope this helps


Hey thanks Gerry for the reply,


I don’t know why but mocha doesn’t register that the hand or in another shot a box is in front of the removal mask.

Check out this shot I’m trying at the moment:

I masked out the box and put the layer over the logo I want to remove and still the logo shows up over the box.

Is there anything I can do to fix this?

Have you got the hand layer above the removal layer.?

Always order layers from nearest to furthest top to bottom.

I’m not at a computer at the moment but could take a look in about an hour if you like

Yes I did that and I think thats the problem. My mocha doesn’t register anything above the removal layer.

I’d be glad if you could take a look at it.

do you want to send me the shot or post it a password protected version?

I can send you the shot if you want. I guess your email is the same as your username but with an @ before gmail?


I sent you a wetransfer link via email. Thanks in advance!

Let us know if you’re all set!