Batch output Clean Plates

Hi Mocha team,

Is there a way to mass output clean plates? For example, on some shots where there’s a lot of hand movement in front of an object, and I only need to replace 20 out of 100 frames (randomly spread throughout the scene, not consecutive). It seems the easiest way is to output all 100 frames as clean plates and then only retouch the offending frames in Photoshop. Or am I approaching this wrong?

Thanks for your thoughts.

That would definitely be overkill I think. You’d need to mask out the hand and just define a few frames for clean plates, but it’s hard to imagine the scenario without seeing it.

Is the scene moving or is this locked?

@martinb The scene is handheld with lots of movement. It seems to me that the clean plate option is the best option when there’s lots of movement. If I manually output 10 clean frames out of 100, Mocha will try to blend the remove area to a corresponding frame, which I’ve found is problematic with lots of movement. If I could output all clean frames, then I’m guaranteed perfect replacement for the bad frames without messing up the good.

I’ll attempt the masking but there’s so much motion blur it seems like more work than necessary. In any case, is there a way to output more than one clean plate at a time? This would be helpful if you could output say “beginning, middle and end” or “interval every 5 frames” etc. for clean plates.

Presently, no, there is no way to do that. You can, however, import clean plates in bulk, so you could export out the sequence then reimport them to the clean plates. I’ve not attempted this approach, but you could try.

But again, if you’re only touching up 10-20 frames, it doesn’t make sense to output the other frames because they will be treated as is. You’re still going to need to mask out the remove area.

If you want to send a clip so I can understand the approach, feel free: martinb[at]

You could also potentially automate the creation with our Python API if you’re working in Mocha Pro Standalone.

@martinb I’ve just emailed you, thank you.