Batch tracking in Mocha AE

Hi ! I’m using the latest version of After Effect (23.2.1) and i need to track a lot of clips. For each clip, i need to track a person but i don’t need the tracking to be very precise so, what i do, is just drawing an ellipse around the subject, track the subject, save the project and quit the Mocha AE to go back to After Effect to use the tracking data.
The thing is that i have to do that for each clip.

I was wondering if there was a way to do a sort of “batch tracking” ? Basically : i’d like to know if it was possible to draw all the ellipses for every clips and create a sort of queue list of tracking so i can launch all the tracking at once. Mocha AE would track the first clip then automatically track the second one, then the third one… And so on.

Thank you

Hey, sorry we missed this one!

In short: Not really. You’d probably be able to script something basic in Mocha Pro’s Python API to handle this, but Mocha AE doesn’t have that capability.

If you know the people are in the same spot every time, a small workflow hack would be to open Mocha AE, draw the ellipse and set the parameters, then close and save Mocha BEFORE tracking.
You can then copy this “template” effect to the other clips so you just need to readjust the ellipse when you launch Mocha and begin tracking.

Sorry i missed your answer and didn’t respond sooner. Thank you, that’s what i thought. At least, from now on, i’ll stop trying to do something that can’t be done :wink:

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