BCC 11 crashing on Media Composer

I’ve been using BCC 11.0.3 on Media Composer on Mac for years no problem. I recently upgraded to Media Composer 2019.9 and to Mac OSX Mojave.

BCC works fine in my usual 1080i/59.94 projects. But now in a 1080p 23.96 project… whenever I attempt to render a BCC effect… it crashes media composer.

Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you.

Just downloaded and re-installed BCC 11.0.3. Problem remains. BCC works fine until I render. At the beginning of the render it crashes Media Composer.

BCC 11.x does not officially support Mojave, nor versions of Media Composer beyond 2018. You could try installing the latest Continuum 2020 (13.0.0) in trial mode to see if your crashing goes away with the latest version. (Backup your projects first in case you do want to return to 11.x) That should confirm if the issue is caused by the unsupported configuration. If you still crash even with the latest software installed then please file a support case:

Thanks. I will check. Since I mostly work in 1080i/59.94 I will continue with this version for now. I’m hoping a Boris “Black Friday” sale might work for me purchasing 2020. Thank you.