BCC 14 VS DaVinci Resolve 17

It looks that the DVR 17 version no longer support BCC plugins, as it was in the edit or color page in the previous version, did someone test that ?
The DVR edit now support the alpha channel, can this be the issue source ?


Can you please provide more details? What exact problem are you seeing? What OS? What version of BCC? What version of the Resolve 17 Beta?


Hello, thanks for the return, related to BCC14
system Windows10,
resolve 17 Beta
Trouble : browsing in the effect or trying to use Title studio, Beauty Studio or some others in the edit or color pages, make DaVinci Resolve 17 crash,
on an other way BCC Primatte Studio remains working, it’s quite complicate to understand why
thanks for your help


Can you please send the Resolve crash log files to us. You can find them by running their Capture Logs application which can be found here. Just double click to run and it will create a zip file of the logs and tell you where to find them. Then you could private message me through the forum with those details.

Mac: /Library/Application Support/Blackmagic Design/DaVinci Resolve/CaptureLogs.app
Windows: C:\Program Files\Blackmagic Design\DaVinci Resolve\CaptureLogs.bat

Also please private message me with your BCC.log file which can be found here:


Hi Jason,

Thanks the return, here are the requested, Fill free to contact for further request


DaVinci-Resolve-logs-112020_175036,89.zip (115 KB)

(Attachment BCC.log is missing)

Hi Jason

I just sent the requested files, I’m now proceeding with DR 17 B2, looks matter is fixed with the new release

Thanks for your help


Glad to hear it seems improved in DR 17 Beta 2. Please let us know if you run into additional problems.


Thanks Jason

The composition default set up for :

Use Alpha is set to yet, that’s fine

Apply mode is set to none, Normal should be better option, isn’t it ?

The setting at none is returning an opaque black background, not really useful

Thanks, have a nice dayt


Hi, Berard,

Can you clarify what effect you’re talking about? A screenshot of the code setup including parameters would be helpful in understanding.


Pardon the typo - I meant to say a screenshot of the NODE setup.

Hi Jason

According with your request please find here attached BCC Title Studio screen copies

In the edit page as appearing in DR17 studio version,

BCC Title Studio is not supported by the Fusion page

Thanks and regards


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Thanks, Bernard,

So basically you are saying you think it would be better if Title Studio defaulted to Composite->Normal instead of to Composite->None, correct?

It has always defaulted to just generating text with alpha (and until recently that was the only option). We recently added the Composite menu to make alternate workflows easier. But we will discuss the possibility of change it to default to Composite->Normal.

Note that when set to Composite->None it is generating a clip with a live alpha channel, not with an opaque black background. It can thus be applied to a filler track above the background clip which would have been the typical workflow in the past, but now the Composite options let you apply directly to the background clip as well if desired. We will discuss.


Hi Jason

Yes I think it would be better to have a normal composite default user setup :

For brand new users, normal composite gives an instant preview of the final composition, having this preview make user life more comfortable, and that can help them in going into further Title Studio powerful facilities

Sorry I made a mistake about the black background, you’re right, the alpha is there, I should have said perception of black background return.

The composition mode tool is really appreciated, opening creativity in a very easy way, More we have efficiency more we go into options, this is an added value process

Thanks for the all


boris bcc 11 crashes davinci resolve 17

BCC 11 does not support anything newer than Resolve 14.x. You will definitely need to move to newer BCC to work with the host and/or OS changes in newer versions of Resolve.