BCC 2019.5 Particle Illusion Dissolve glitch

avid media composer 2019.11 pc Was playing around with the new features and transitions with the Particle Illusion Dissolve and, well, it doesn’t dissolve. in the fx browser the preview is fine (and sometimes impressive), but after applied, the effect does not finish the dissolve and instead cuts off with the particle illusion effect fully applied. I tried changing the duration, ease in and out and other variable that would seem to make sense. once i applied the filter and it performed as described above in a real time green dot effect and cut off, but once rendered, it performed correctly. tried on another preset and it went back to the cut off and the render did not cure the problems. bug already?

Mark Anderson
Chicago, IL

We haven’t seen that behavior in house or heard of it during beta testing. Would you be able to send a project file that shows the issue (without media). You could send it off-list to me at jclement at borisfx dot com or via private messaging me through the forum.


Also, do you see problems with other Continuum transitions not completing correctly, or is it only Particle Illusion Dissolve?

The 12.5.1 maintenance release of Continuum 2019.5 is now live on the website and fixes the problem you pointed out with Particle Illusion Dissolve in interlaced projects. Please let us know if you see any additional problems.