BCC 2019 crashing


I’m running Avid 2018.11 on Mac OSX High Sierra. Just got rid of some external hard drives due to some power supply problems on my iMac. One of the drives I removed contained my file cache directory. When I went to add the Particle Illusion effect I’d get an error message and avid would crash.
21%20PM Screen Shot 2018-11-24 at 5.41.21 PM.png
I was eventually able to get around this error by reconnecting the missing drive and changing the cache directory location, but until I did that there was no way to access my preferences in BCC


That message looks like it would come from the Mocha integration in Continuum. Did you have mocha tracking applied to the clip or did it happen as soon as a new Particle Illusion instance was applied?


As soon as a new particle illusion effect was applied. When I clicked to close the message Avid disappeared.


Did you have other effects stacked in the same timeline though that might be using mocha? Or was Particle Illusion the only applied effect?


No. It was the only effect. I had to mount the missing drive, and then I was able to get in and change the directory.


Which cache setting is this for? Is this a cache setting for Avid or is this within the plugin settings?



Hi Dwienerearthlink-net,

Do you know how I would go about changing the cache directory? Where exactly is this setting. We’re trying to reproduce this issue.



Can you please explain exactly which cache directory you changed? Is this a cache directory you controlled from general OS settings, or Media Composer settings, or something within the actual Continuum product? We still haven’t been able to determine exactly which cache you are referring to and we want to be sure we fully understand this issue.


I just tried to duplicate the error by unmounting the drive I had assigned the temp directory to. ANd while I got the error message when I relaunched the avid project that had the effect applied when I closed the error avid did not crash.


When you’ve launcehed the mocha tracker you can go into preferences and chage the cache directory


It in the effect. It’s the cache for the mocha tracker


Hi Dwienerearthlink-net,

Thanks for all the additional information. We were able to reproduce this issue. We’ll investigate this on our end.