Bcc 2019 FCPX


I wanted to buy upgrade to 2019 in the black Friday option, but can’t because there is no FCPX upgrade to 2019.
Asked sales about this but did not get a answer, when is the release for FCPX?
So we can upgrade to Mojave.

As I told I did not answer from sales!

Thanks in advance for answering my question.

S. de Vries

We are currently working on the next Continuum FCPX update which will support Mojave. It is not quite finished yet.

Any update? I own both Davinci Resolve Studio 15 & Final Cut Pro X/Motion. I was going to buy the Image Restoration bundle to start off, which I can at least use in Resolve or Final Cut Pro X. However in the demo with Final Cut Pro X - I am getting black frames with puppet markers & intermittently beach ball. I have tried just the v11 installer for FCPX. The OFX BCC19 works for Resolve.

I am just far more familiar with FCPX & Motion. I am slowly learning Resolve… but curious if I buy in if I am going to be cornered into using Resolve always or if FCPX will become an option in future?

We are working on better FCPX support which will be released later this month as part of our Continuum 2019 maintenance update. Stay tuned for future announcements. You should be able to use Image Restoration filters in FCPX as well as in Resolve with one caveat. In Resolve you can use Mocha masking system while in FCPX it is not yet available due to technical difficulties with FCPX.

Is it possible to reach out to support & have them review what I’m getting to see if it’s due to version bug or my noob understanding of your tools?

The problem with some templates in Final Cut showing black frames or well layer placeholders is a known issue that was introduced with newer versions of Final Cut. We are working on fixes for this in the forthcoming Continuum 2019 FxPlug release so you might need to wait until that update is available to be able to fully assess how things are behaving for you in Final Cut.

Thank you Jason! That helps me just direct my time (for now) to Resolve as I try to learn these plug ins. I will just watch for the FXPLug release.

I’m also waiting for BCC2019 FCPX support. Any update?


Continuum 2019 for FxPlug is coming very soon. I can’t give an exact date but it is very close, so stay tuned!

Dear BCC team, I am waiting for many months now for the update… all this time I have ben unable to use my (expensive) Continuum license in final cut pro x.

Can we expect this to happen every time the OSX is updated? I mean, we can understand -a bit- that you will need some time to get your software aligned with an OSX update, but 6 months of broken software and still no final deadline for the date fixing the problem is a disappointment. Or should we blame Apple for updating the OSX?

Yeah, same here. I renewed my Continuum license in April 2018. Not happy with the fact that I have not been able to use Continuum for many months now. With hindsight I should perhaps have delayed upgrading to Mojave (and not being able to upgrade FCPX and other applications), but at some point you have to take the plunge.

It looks like FCPX support is very low on BorisFX’s priority list. Also perhaps indicated by the lack of proper FCPX documentation (e.g. Reframer) and supporting only a subset of features of the other platforms (although at a lower price). Same thing happened with the previous release. And it’s always Continuum that’s giving me trouble. None of the other plugins I own have these problems, or their respective companies fix them promptly (or even before the new OS is rolled out).

I’m not holding my breath for a new release, and my license to upgrade expires in April. I’m not sure if I’m going to renew my license. Maybe just write it off and look elsewhere.

Sorry for the rant…

Also same here, I have paid already for the upgrade but still nothing.

Hey Guys. Sorry for the delay and thanks for your patience - we should have the update ready next week - just ironing out the final details and cleaning up some of the new templates that will accompany this release. Cheers, Peter.

Hi, Guys,

Continuum 2019.0.1 (internal version 12.0.1) was released today and it includes FxPlug support (FCP X and Motion). Among other things this includes the following for FCP X:

  • Mojave support
  • ~20 new Title templates
  • ~19 new Transition templates

Full release notes will be posted soon.


Thanks, it works!!

Just wondering: I can not find any trackers in the BCC Match Move modules. Are they still available (if so, is there an up-to-date FCPX tutorial for the tracking process available?)

best regards,

The Final Cut host changed their threading model over the last several versions in a way which meant our older tracking technology was no longer supported. This was already true in Continuum 11. We don’t currently have a replacement tracking technology in place for FCP X in Continuum 2019 but it is something under consideration for future updates. Unfortunately for now that means the Match Move would need to be manually tracked in this host.

Thats strange, Boris does have Mocha, and give other developers license(like CoreMelt). Why don’t you use it your self in Continium for fcpx

That is certainly something on our radar, but it has not yet made it to the top of the feature queue in FCPX.