BCC 2022 Issues with AE and PS

Trying to export out Photoshop layers from an AE project that has layers that use BCC plugin. Did testing with Adobe, it’s DEFINITELY an issue with BCC. AE crashes, cannot export layers if they have a BCC plugin attached.

Please send along your steps to reproduce the issue and we will take a look into it. Also send along your system specs, including versions of Adobe and BCC, so that we’re all on the same page with this. You can send that to me privately if you prefer. If we can’t reproduce the issue following your steps then I’ll ask you for an AE project that we can use to attempt to reproduce the issue that you’re seeing.


Tried multiple version of AE and Boris FX. Project renders just fine as a video. I’m simply trying to export three layers from AE that have BCC Colorize Glow, and BCC Glow Alpha Edges to “composition”, “save frame as”, “photoshop layers”. AE then crashes. I’m on a Windows 10 64bit machine. 128GB of RAM. Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080Ti.

I just tried that on my Mac and it’s working as expected - I was able to generate the psd file per your description without crashing AE. I’ll take a look on Win OS.

I tried to repro the issue as described on Windows - I was successfully able to export the layered psd file from AE without error. So with that, this issue is no longer something that can be handled via this forum and I suggest that you file a support ticket and have someone from that team help diagnose the problem. You can file a ticket here : Boris FX | Open a Case

@pjbarbour For a workaround to this issue, you might use the AE render queue to get past the layer export problem. Here’s what to do :

(1) park on the frame in your AE comp that you wish to export so that you can see the frame number in the UI
(2) disable all but one layer in the comp and keep any BCC filters intact
(3) add the project to the render queue
(4) in the render queue, set it up to render only the frame that you need
(5) in the render queue, set the destination file type to psd sequence
(6) render the result
(7) repeat this procedure for any other layers in the comp that you wish to use in photoshop
(8) combine all of the renders into a single psd file

I hope this helps.