BCC and DaVinci render very slow

Hello everyone I am new here I believe this my first post away I am having slow renders when I add a transition or FX. I hope I am describing this correctly I still a little new at this newbie. Anyway, I also have Vegas Pro and everything works perfectly with BCC. The default transitions FX that come with DR also no issues. On some transitions, it will take over three minutes to turn from red to blue if it works at all. I will attach a screenshot using DR 16 and just upgraded to version 17 to see if that help but it did not. This may be a setting issue. SShot


What version of Continuum are you using? There were some performance tweaks in Continuum 2021 (v14.0.1) so please see if being on the latest version helps. Also please provide as much detail as you can so we can try to reproduce. For example what BCC transition are you using? What is the project size? And how long does the same transition take in Vegas?



Are you able to try the latest 2021 version at least in trial mode to see how it compares in performance? If doing that experiment you may want apply to a separate test project or use a backup copy of the project so that going back to 2020 if necessary doesn’t cause any issues.