BCC Beat Reactor missing?

Beat Reactor is included with several continuum effects. Is it possible to use it on its own? It looks like it should be part of the Time unit. But it doesn’t appear in the list.

Hi There,

While the Beat Reactor is included as a module in filters where it makes sense, it is also available as a filter that can generate keyframes to control animation based on an audio input, however, due to the way it works this filter is only supported in the Adobe After Effects host API. In After Effects it is indeed located in the Time category of Continuum effects.


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OK, thanks for explanation.

So if I want to use the audio graph I just pick any filter that has this module.

Yep, you can absolutely do that. Any Continuum filter that includes the Beat Reactor feature is capable of rendering the audio graph visual display into the viewer. Are you considering using this graph as a visual element in a composition?


Yes, exactly.