BCC Beauty Sudio


I’ve an issue I’ve noticed with beauty shots I’d like to edit with BCC BeautyStudio.
No matter the settings i choose I happen to get those kind of red areas of models face.
Please see the screenshots. (I overshoot the reds on the last one on purpose to explain my point. This is not a result of the effect :grinning:)

Here is a precision : this happen everywhere on the frame, even if a mask is constraining the effet on her front for example

Look forward to hearing from you,


It seems to me as though it’s a setup issue with the matte. When you’re setting up the matte/mask for the effect, you should be in view mask / matte mode to ensure that the matte you’ve created is right for that particular shot. If you would like to send me a frame from the original source and also the settings file that you used I’ll review it and offer my advice to avoid the issue that you’re seeing.

You can send that to me privately at peterm(at)borisfx(dot)com.

Please also let me know what host you’re using. Looks like you’re using the BCC and not the BCC+ version of the Beauty Studio filter - is that correct? Totally fine if it is - I just need to know which one to use while working on this for you.