BCC BeautyStudio is very slow in davinci resolve

I have a Threadripper 3960X system with NVIDIA RTX 3090, 64G of RAM and M.2 HD using studio version of NVIDIA drivers. I use Davinci Resolve and BCC OFX. When I use the BCC BeautyStudio filter, my playback and render times become 0.5-1.5 frames per second. I have set the GPU usage in Davinci Resolve to CUDA and I have the check box for use OpenCL on the BCC plugin. The resolution of the source is 4k Canon Raw, 5K Blackmagic Raw.
Timeline perfomance with nodes that have BCC cause the FPS to grind to a hault!

Please advise.

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Do you have multiple GPU’s in your system? Can you disable all but one to see if it changes the responsiveness?

I have one GPU. I am also using Resolve studio version.

Which version of BCC are you using? Continuum 2021 (v14) contains performance improvements in OFX hosts over previous versions. That being said, Beauty Studio can be one of the more render intensive filters, especially when some of the optional controls are enabled. Can you please private message me your BCC.log file found (paths below) so we can see if any GPU errors are being reported:



I will definitely send you the log. I am using the latest version. When I watch tutorial videos, I see that there’s absolutely no lag and it baffles me that even with the fastest graphics card on earth, I’m getting snail pace performance from a beast of a machine.

Just gonna jump in with a random thought…

Check your computer’s performance monitor (ctrl-shift-esc) and note CPU speed. I’ve had several computers get “stuck” at a ridiculously low speed far below CPU capability (eg .88Gh) which I’ve only gotten “unstuck” with a tool called throttle stop. Not saying that is happening to you, but it did explain some unexplainable system performance problems!

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So I have been clicking on your picture to get to send the PM but I do not see the “message” icon at all.

I was checking my computer during a BCC Beauty Studio edit and I noticed that only my CPU is being utilized and about 4-5% of the GPU is used. Does BCC Beauty Studio use GPU?

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Beauty Studio uses a mix of GPU (OpenCL) and CPU depending on which options are enabled. If you can send the bcc.log file and a sample project or at least a saved BCC preset so we can review the settings that would be great.


I have taken a screen shot of what I see when I click on your picture in the forum. I use the BorisFx Forum.

Hope the image is viewable!


See the square on the right that has the text ‘essage" icon at’

See if you can click on that. For some reason the image that’s supposed to be there isn’t showing up on your system.

I wonder if this is a problem with certain browsers not displaying the forum page correctly. I’ve been using Chrome on Windows for reference.

In any event I received your log file via email and will reply to it in more detail. It does show an OpenCL error which means it would be dropping back to CPU mode which would explain the performance issues you’re seeing. It might be related to having two different GPUs on the system. I will reply in more detail to your email.