BCC black screen and OpenGL 2.1 error

I’m trying to test the BCC OFX plugin for Vegas, to be precise Match Move FX but I got the error when I start Mocha Motion Tracker:
Failed to obtain OpenGL 2.1 functions

When I click on OK, all I get is a black screen. When I try to close the window I got another error message:
Standard library error.

One more interesting thing is when I add Match Move to video track, it changes the color of the video.

Is my GPU is compatible with BCC: NVIDIA GTX1650 for laptop.


Hello! Thanks for trying out the Continuum (BCC) software on your system. The graphics card that you’re attempting to use is, however, not compatible with Continuum, hence the OpenGL warning and black render that you’ve encountered. Here’s a link to the cards that we have tested in our labs : Boris FX | Supported Graphics Cards

I hope this helps!

Hi, thanks for the fast reply :wink:
I’ve seen that list. The GPU is quite new (launch date is April 23, 2019) and I thought it isn’t yet tested.
On NVidia website I can see that all of their card “supports OpenGL and a complete set of OpenGL extensions”, that why I was supprised by this error!

It’s too bad if it isn’t supported, because this is my brand new laptop. I got two desktop computer with some Intel GPU and ancient ATI Radeon from 2006 and I just tested it. They both work with Vegas and Mocha :frowning:


I wonder if it’s a driver issue then? You may be able to download a newer driver from the Nvidia website.


Hi, I finally make it work. The problem were the drivers but not NVIDIA drivers but the integrated card drivers.
Integrated card was recognized as Microsoft Video Card (something like that). I installed appropriate drives for Intel UHD 630 which is installed in my laptop, rebooted the laptop and started Mocha inside Vegas with no problem.
Inside Mocha Preferences I picked my NVIDIA card (Option: Use GPU Processing) did a reboot and it worked with that setting.

I guess GTX1650 is still supported :wink:


That’s wonderful news Miroslav … thank you for digging to resolve the driver issue and for letting us know that this card is indeed supported. We’ll add it to the supported list of video cards.