BCC Bundeled With MochaVR now Mocha 2019

Will people who baught Mocha Pro 5 with 1 year get BCC VR Unit bundeled with Mocha Pro 2019 ?

BCC VR should ship with Mocha Pro 2019 if you upgrade. Customers who purchased either Mocha Pro v5 or Mocha VR within the last year, qualify for a free update to Mocha Pro 2019. If you qualify for an upgrade but have not received your email, you can contact support to speed up your inquiry.

Customers who purchased Mocha Pro v5 or Mocha VR before October 1, 2017 can upgrade to Mocha Pro 2019 with affordable options. Upgrade Now

For any further questions about discounts or promotions, please contact the sales team here: https://borisfx.com/store/contact-us/

With Products That Magix Bundles Your Products With the terms and conditions What is covered from your company There others that have Baught Vegas Pro That included you Products I am not just the only one check the Magix Forum.If i have A valid Serial Number That came with my Magix Product for current version with in 1 year of your new one how is that treated? When I purchased My Vegas Pro Suite It came with older version of your plugins Now with Vegas 16 the pligins are up date current versions including the serial numbers .How will plugins from you they bundle be treated now ?

You will need to contact sales for those sorts of in depth questions, we will have to look at your account and see what you have and how it applies.

You can also see our Mocha 2019 FAQ here: Boris FX | FAQ