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I cannot work out from the documentation above how to use BCC Color Match. I have two clips, one on track 1 and the other on track 2. I would like the colors on track 2 to match those of the clip on track 1. The docs state “Match Color automates the process of removing or balancing the difference between the two clips by setting color or luma values…Ideally, you want to view both the Source and Target clips so that you can sample colors.”

How do I sample the colors from the clip on track 1 and match the colors in the clip on track 2 to that sample? The documentation fails to describe the process or sequence of steps I need on how to carry out this task.

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Hi Andrew,

Here are the steps that I would recommend to use the BCC Color Match filter :

(1) start with clip A and clip B - we will change the color and luma values of clip B to match clip A

(2) place clip A under clip B in the timeline

(3) add the color match filter to clip B and disable / bypass the filter

(4) use the color samplers to set the SOURCE color by sampling the hl/mt/sh from clip B

(5) disable the view for clip B so that you can see clip A

(6) use the color samplers to set the TARGET color by sampling the hl/mt/sh from clip A

(7) enable the view for clip B and enable the color match filter

(8) adjust the value in the master level and master color parameters in the filter to get the required level of color match

I hope this helps!


Hi, here’s the way I’ve used it in Vegas 20, might be doing it wrong :joy:

  1. It doesn’t matter where your clips are, (if one is below the other you will have to mute one so you can see the other to ‘Copy Snapshot to Clipboard’
    2, Add BCC Color match to the clip you want to change (that’s the Target i think)
  2. Place the timeline cursor so the preview screen shows the other clip
  3. Use the button at the top of the preview window to ‘Copy Snapshot to Clipboard’
    5, Place the timeline cursor back over the clip with BCC Color match on
  4. Change the Split Screen View at the top of the preview window to ‘Clipboard’

You should then have both images that you can select the Target/Source colours.

These two pics don’t exactly colour match but i chose two quite different ones just to differentiate between the two for illustration purposes

Thank you Peter and Gid - I have it working now!

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