BCC Composite in to Davinci Resolve not working!

Hello together,

Does anyone have any idea how the BCC Composite filter works in Davinci Resolve 18? I have played through everything, nothing works properly. I can’t blend the layers with BCC Composite, nor can I apply the PixelChooser Mask properly.

Also, I have clip source A set to foreground and clip source B set to normal.

I had one so not real success when I applied the BCC Composite with an ext. matte in Color Editing mode. But that’s not the point.

I would be happy if someone had found a solution or BorisFX would finally correct this.

It has some filters that do not run quite correctly under Davinci Resolve 18!

Hi there,

This is not the first time that this issue has come up and I’ll share a note with you from our engineering on the subject - I hope this helps to explain the issue at hand.

This is not a bug - just just how Resolve works. OFX effects in Resolve cannot access the layer below it in the timeline in the Edit or Color panes. It’s just not possible to refer to another track’s contents like we would normally do in AE or Avid for instance. There is a clunky way to be able to access two layers at a time in Resolve’s Color pane and BCC Composite does indeed work that way, but it involves importing the secondary layer separately as an external matte since you can’t just use the underlying track.

  • Go to Resolve’s Media pane
  • Navigate to the raw clip on disk that you want to use as the secondary layer, right click, and select Add to Media Pool As Matte
  • Go back to the Color pane where you have BCC Composite applied
  • Right Click on the BCC Composite node and select Add Matte->Timeline Mattes->NAME_OF_MEDIA_YOU_ADDED
  • Delete the default connection it adds between the blue alpha node ports.
  • Connect the green RGB node port from the matte layer into the BCC Composite node.
  • Now you have the secondary input available for use in BCC Composite.

This is obviously super clunky and makes it hard to deal with things like wanting to adjust the timing of the secondary input. But that’s just fact of life in Resolve.