BCC Compositing - 10 bit ProRes or 12 bit ProRes Raw

Learning as I go, I’m wanting to improve my overall workflow from pre to post-production. I’ve been shooting foreground plates in ProRes 422 HQ since I can record in-camera.

There’s the option of shooting RAW with an external recorder w/ native 12 bit and lower compression. Is this going to improve the keying results in BCC?

Yep, less compression is always desirable. That said, Primatte Studio can pretty much key anything so what you’ll find is that as you use less compressed footage the edges and fine detail will be clearer and easier to isolate from the background.

I’d suggest a test - shoot the same frame in 422 and 12 bit raw, then process both with Primatte Studio and compare the results.


Gotcha. Sounds like the improvement may or may not be worth extra expense. If I can get my hands on a recorder I’ll do the test and post my results.


Sounds great - thanks!