BCC Cornerpin with Mocha 2019

in a tutorial i saw, how the tutor exported a txt-file out of Mocha and loaded it in BCC Cornerpin. However, i can´t load this txt-file in BCC-Cornerpin, because i dont´t have a load button under the “Motion Tracker/Mocha” rollout. There is only a “Mocha Motion tracker” Button, but if i click there i get back to mocha.

That tutorial was for older versions of Continuum. For Continuum 2019 (and higher) you no longer need to export the corner pin data as a text file and then re-import it. You can instead directly link the mocha tracking data inside the Corner Pin filter. There are instructions in the help docs here under the section titled Mocha Motion Tracker (Workflow in Continuum 2019 and newer) - pasted below as well.

The Continuum Mocha Motion Tracker allows you to track the motion of an object, then use the motion path to drive other geometric properties of the effect without the need for keyframing. For more information on general usage of the Mocha Motion Tracker, Click Here. Note that Corner Pin tracking has some unique workflow consideration which are further discussed here. The Corner Pin effect is ultimately driven by the locations of the four pin points, and when you first open the Mocha Motion Tracker UI you will be presented with four independent tracking points. While it would be possible to track the four corner points as completely independent tracks, that is not the optimum way to approach corner pin tracking with Mocha, where the underlying planar tracking engine can provide a more robust track by analyzing the motion of a single plane than by analyzing the four corners separately. The recommended workflow for Corner Pin tracking in Continuum 2019 and up is as follows:

  1. Launch the Mocha Motion Tracker UI from the Corner Pin effect
  2. Ignore (or even disable the process icon) the four independent point layers. If they are not disabled you may want to move them onto some feature that is easy to track just to avoid any distractions due to lost tracks when to tracking the real target plane (which will be done in the next step.)
  3. Create a brand new fifth track layer by using conventional mocha tracking tools to track the overall plane you want to replace. Don’t worry yet about the exact corner locations – focus instead on getting a solid track of the plane itself, being sure to adjust the tracking mode in the mocha UI to +skew or +Perspective if your plane moves with any skew or perspective during the course of the shot.
  4. Select each of the 4 point track layers and in the layer pane and one-by-one link them to the main layer track (created in the previous step).
  5. Select each of the 4 point track layers and move their cross-hairs one-by-one to the exact corner location for the pin on that particular frame.
  6. Save and apply back to the host and scrub the timeline. If the main plane track is solid you should then see all four corners points following the intended pin location exactly.

Hey, thank you very much for the anser. Now it works.