BCC Crashes in Premiere

I’m experiencing a frustrating problem that I hope someone here can shed some light on.

I’ve been working off my laptop while traveling and am now at my home workstation, a 2019 MacPro running Big Sur 11.1

I haven’t had this issue on either the workstation or the laptop until now.

When I attempt to render or play over the BCC Video Glitch or BCC Motion Blur effect in the latest version of Premiere (15.2), everything stalls out. The computer then produces a series of bizarre full screen video glitches before the machine goes into a kernel panic and restarts.

I’m definitely relying on these two for my edit, as the client has approved previous versions. I’ve made sure I’m running the latest version of BCC. I’ve also uninstalled and reinstalled BCC to no avail.

For what it’s worth, BCC Primatte Studio is working just fine. My guess is there’s some kind of GPU issue. I’m wondering if the difference between the laptop and workstation specs precipitated this problem. Perhaps not everything that needs to uninstall does so when I run the uninstaller?

Any help would be appreciated!

Many thanks,


Can you send us the BCC.log file from your system. It can be found here:

Please send it either through private message on the forum or email to:
jclement at borisfx dot com

One thing to try would be turning off or adjusting the Mercury settings in Premiere just to see if it affects the issue. Another thing you can try would be to open the BCC preferences pane and turn off the OpenCL option which should switch the Video Glitch filter back to CPU mode.


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Hi Dallas,

I wasn’t able to reproduce this issue on my mac. Can you send us a preset of the Video Glitch or Motion Blur effect so we can retry it on our machine since it might be because of a certain param that is causing this issue.

Can you also send us your project and clip files so we can retest this? It might be dependent on the footage/project as well.

Please send them to linh@borisfx.com