BCC Crashes Vegas Pro 18

I don’t know how BorisFX provides status on open issues, so I am posting it here - please let me know if things are handled differently. In December I opened Case #00176637 to describe how BCC 2021 appears to be causing Vegas Pro 18 to crash (often). At the time I was trying to create a few videos that had credit rolls; I found that once I went into the BCC Title Studio Plugin GUI, and then pressed APPLY to come back out to the Vegas Pro edit screen the app would consistently lock up. Can someone tell me if there is any progress on Case 00176637?


Hi Paul,

This might be best handled via direct communication with our support group. I’ll check in with them on the status of this issue and I’ll also ask them to reach out to you with an update.



Thanks so much for the response.


I just wanted to let people know that Jon of Boris support spent a good amount of time with me one evening debugging this issue. I’m now working with the latest Vegas Pro update (Build 434) to see if it still occurs.
Jon did help me track down an other issue I had with the same file; Vegas would render flat 2D BCC Title Studio text in a very low-res-looking way, even though all the BCC settings were correct. It turns out I had copied text from a web site and even though I had stripped out all the non-text characters, some got in and caused the rendering weirdness. Thanks for the support!