BCC crashing when saving - AVID MC 8.9.3

Every time I try and save a BCC effect - on any track, any effect in any project - it crashes! Adding and changing fx does not crash - just saving.
Worked perfectly in the past and not doing anything new.

MacOS Mojave V10.14.1
Avid MC 8.9.3

Hi Aimee,

I guess one area of concern is that you’re running Avid 8.9.3 which I don’t believe is supported on the Mojave OS. According to the information on the Avid website, they state that support for Mojave starts with Avid MC 2018.10. so it’s reasonable to assume that this might be related to the instability issue that you’re seeing.

I’m not trying to pass the buck though - we are interested in helping you and in understanding fully the exact source / cause of the problem.

You state that you were not having these issues in the past and that it’s a recent problem. Do you know what changed on your system just before these problems stated happening? Was this when you upgraded the OS?

In the meantime, I’ll ask our QA to set up a system with the config that you listed and we’ll see if we’re reproducing the problem.


Hi, Yes I was using the system and work flow before and after upgrading the OS. I have had the issue in the past on more than one earlier OS - with transitions only but usually a few restarts and or even a reinstall of BCC seemed to fix it.
This time - it was a constant problem with any BCC effect as soon as I hit render.
I did manage to get it working but only after countless restarts , reinstalls and swear words and I have since upgraded Avid.

Hi Aimee,

So since upgrading your Avid, are the filters operating as expected?