BCC+ effects do not show up in vegas pro 18 but do show up in vegas pro 14

i’ve installed the trial version of boris continuum 2023 into an install of vegas pro 18 and none of the BCC+ vfx are showing, however doing the same thing with an install of vegas pro 14 works just fine.

Check if there are 3 BCC folders in C:\Program Files\Common Files\OFX\Plugins

BCC+ (BCC 2023) are showing in Vegas Pro 18 for me. You might want to try setting Vegas Pro 18 back to its default (factory) settings as per Resetting Vegas Pro to default settings making sure to check the clear cache checkbox when it appears.

Resetting can often solve a number of problems but will involve having to manually reset any custom task bar settings etc that you may currently have in place because, well, resetting takes Vegas Pro back to its original basic install state.