BCC Extruded EPS - Adobe Illustrator files coming out black

How do illustrator .eps / .ai files need to be prepared/treated/layered within illustrator in order for BCC Extruded EPS to see the file without any layers or details missing? Sometimes nothing shows up at all after selecting the file.

I can’t figure out why the .eps files present themselves completely black or parts black when trying to use the BCC Extruded EPS effect. I also see this happening within Title Studio.

I have sport team logos that I am retracing or live tracing (converting from photoshop assets) in adobe illustrator and then saving as illustrator .eps files version CC, 10, 9, or 8. However, the logos do not look like they should within the effect when trying to create a 3D element. I’ve played around with trying to bring the extrusion down or changing the face material but some files are either just black, do not contain all of the details, colors or layers, or are blank after selecting the file.

Is there a specific way to treat the illustrator files with in the program and or export that I am missing?
I had done two successful logos at first but now I don’t know what I could be doing differently. When I import the .ai or .eps files into after effects as footage, the files are exactly the way the should be reflecting what was done in illustrator.

Are there any tutorials on this workflow?

Experiencing on 2 different OS: Mac Mojave (last version before Catalina) and Windows 10
Both Running: Illustrator 2020, After Effects 2020, Boris Continuum 2020

I’d be happy to work with your illustrator files in an effort to understand what the problem might be.

The files should be at Illustrator 8 in order for Continuum to be able to correctly read them.

Please send me your files off list and I’ll take a look at them and prep them for you so that you can continue to work with them on your system. My email is peterm@borisfx.com.



Thank you Peter. I’ll email you now.