BCC Film Glow rendering very slow when paired with Lumetri Color

In Premiere, any instance of Film Glow, Fast Film Glow or regular Glow will work reasonably fast on my MBP. But as soon as there’s an instance of Lumetri Color in the mix, it takes 8 seconds to render a frame. I tried a few other plugins in place of Luemtri and they seemed to work just fine. It’s just the combo of Lumetri and BCC Glow variations that seem to clash.

Anyone see this before? The Continuum update checker says I’m fully up to date.

MBP M1 Max, 64gb ram
Premiere 23.1.0
Continuum 15.52

Hi Caleb,

Thanks for reporting this to us - I’ll take a look at that this morning on my MBP M1 and report back my findings to this list.


Thank you Peter. For now I’m pre-rendering my basic color pass before working with BCC plugins, which work great when Lumetri isn’t hanging around.

So I’ve spent a bit of time trying to reproduce the issue as described but without any luck - would it be possible for you to provide me with a simple PP project that I can use to see the performance lag?

@caleb @PeterMcAuley
Hi just out of curiosity i had a look at these two filters in AE, the combination of both made all fans on my PC fly around :rofl: UHD 30fps MP4 AVC.
Just sharing .
(None of these are playing, they’re Stopped/Paused)
Nothing added,

Just Fast Film,

With Lumetri added,

Rendering was fine tho, the PC really quietened down & it was a fast render :man_shrugging:

Hi everyone - thank you for the replies so far.

I went to make a new project so I could recreate the problem and share, and the issue doesn’t occur in the new project (with a single imported clip). BCC+ Film Glow still runs noticeably slower when Lumetri is enabled, but 5-6x faster than when I was having the issue before. Nothing out of the ordinary in my opinion.

The project I was working in before had a sizeable amount of footage in it, but nothing I would consider out of the ordinary. I could regail you with all the testing and data I gathered before trying the Lumetri/BCC combo in a new project with one clip imported, but I’ll just chock this up to Adobe being Adobe.

Peter, I can still send you the larger project file if you want to have a look, and a few clips to relink but it won’t be a true replication of the issue without sending you a few hundred GB of footage. Happy to send the project and a couple clips if you want to have a look still.

Thanks again everyone for the support here. Going forward, I’ll try this combo at multiple points in the workflow and see if I can figure out for myself what is causing it. If I find a smoking gun, I’ll update here.