BCC+Film Grunge in Open FX in Resolve

Hi, o wise and powerful Boris gurus!

I seem to be having a small issue with this plug-in. I’m trying to add a bit of gate weave to a Text+ text. I can manage to do it using the inspector in the edit mode, but when I use the FX Editor, Gate Weave is not one of the options list. I would love to be able to make a custom version of this as I have a lot of titles to add this to in another project. What am I missing?

Sorry, I should add I’m using Resolve 17.4.2 Build 9, Mac OS 11.6.1 and Continuum 20212.5 version


I confirm what you’re seeing and that looks like a bug. It happens in After Effects as well, so it’s not specific to Resolve, and it happens in the 2022 release too. We’ll file a ticket and gets this sorted out.

You might be able to use BCC Film Damage as an alternative since the Shake controls there would be available in presets.

Thanks for reporting the problem to us!

Thanks. It gets even messier when you try to apply these f/x in Fusion. Somehow they are not being parsed correctly.


Yes, Continuum does not officially support standalone Fusion or the Fusion pane in Resolve at this time. We recommend sticking to the Edit and Color panes in Resolve for the time being. Our sister product Sapphire does support Fusion however if that might be helpful.