BCC Film Stock FX how to use it in Resolve

Hi there,

What kind of Material ( Gamut and Gamma) the Film Stock FX Plugin is expecting? Im in Resolve and working with ARRI Alexa Log C Material and cant get a correct output. What Do I have set up differently?

I have a Rec709 Timeline and would go From LogC to Rec709. does the Plugin need a Rec709 Signal or can I go strait in with LogC and make afterwords a Colorspace Transfrom node to Rec709?


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Hi Sebastian,

I was unsure of the answer so I pass this onto the lead engineer on that project and this is his response :

“Our plugins don’t know what colorspace they are working in, but they definitely won’t do “the right thing” with a log working space. All of the curves/levels are based on more linearized math, though you can get decent results with rec709.”

I hope this helps!