Bcc flara 3D do vegas 17

Nie mogę zainstalować Flary-składnika vegas na stałej licencji.Jest komunikat by sprawdzic pocztę za 30 minut i to wszystko.

I can’t install flare vegas on a permanent license. There is a message to check my email in 30 minutes and that’s it.

License problems are best handled through the Support channel. (Check your spam folder for the email just in case.) You can file a support case here and please give them as much information as you can such as exactly how you purchased the license:



The bcc lens flare license is included in Vegas pro 17. which has a permanent license. And it is not related to the continuum for which I was licensed until 03/18/2021. I cannot renew the continuum for the next year due to the very high dollar exchange rate in relation to I have uninstalled the continuum until I am able to pay. I have submitted the topic to technical support and I am waiting. Thank you for your help.

W dniu 2021-03-20 16:42:43 użytkownik Jason Clement via Boris FX Forum noreply@forum.borisfx.com napisał:

Can you double check which version of Continuum the Lens Flare License from Vegas pro 17 was good for? It is possible you need to go back to an older version of Continuum if the one that came with Vegas was only licensed up to a certain version of Continuum and your installed Continuum is a later version.


Vegas pro 17 z Boris FXBCC lens flare 3D ver. 3,08MB.Jest w pakiecie instalacyjnym Vegas pro 17 aktualizacja 452

Odinstalowałem definitywnie kontinuum.Pobrałem ze strony vegas oprogramowanie, które zakupiłem w pakiecie.Instaluję i jest komunikat by poczekać 30 minut i tej odpowiedzi nie ma od 18.03

I have definitely uninstalled the continuum. I downloaded the software from the vegas website that I bought in the package. I install and there is a message to wait 30 minutes and this answer has not been received since 03/18

The license for the bundled version of Continuum units should I believe be coming directly from Magix, not from Boris FX. Have you attempted to contact Magix customer support?

Nie ale klucz był zawsze do borisFX.Zresztą Magix też nigdy nie odpowiada na zgłoszenie czegokolwiek.

No, but the key has always been to borisFX. Magix also never responds to submissions of anything, either.

The activation key is to Boris FX software - the Lens Flare 3D filter - but the software in your case is part of a bundle with Magix / Vegas and it is from Magix that you would receive the activation key. I am unclear if you have not received the activation key or is it that you have not received the installer itself for Lens Flare 3D? I checked with our Support team and they do not see a record from you in the last few days. Can you please double check that you created a Support ticket and not please file a case here: Boris FX | Open a Case
If you send me the info on your support ticket I can make sure that you have connected to the Support team.