Bcc flicker error 25 latest version

Hi everyone

(sorry i’m french)

I cant use the BCC FLICKER because i have this message “BFX ERROR CODE 25”

I just payed 300 $…

Someone have the solution ?

Thanks !

Hi Max,

Sorry to hear that you’re having problems with the filter. Let’s see what we can do to help you push past the error code.

I’m assuming that you downloaded the current retail version of BCC Flicker Fixer from our web site - if this is true then the plug-in itself it not the issue as this was tested and proven to work correctly.

So now let’s try to understand the cause of the error.

Can you share with us please the specs of the system on which you’re seeing the error? To start, we need to know the OS and version number along with the graphics card info and the version of the host that you are using for the BCC Flicker Fixer filter.