BCC FX OFX License Key NOT removing watermark

Hey :slight_smile:

I downloaded the trial version of BCC for vegas pro 16, loved it and decided to buy upgrade.

Upon entering the license key, and getting a license activation successful message, the watermark still persists in the render preview.

How long does the watermark usually take to go away after purchase and activation of BCC? Ive restarted the PC, vegas, and still there’s a watermark. scratches head

Update, this probelm was fixed and heres the answer.

I had a malware infection that altered parts of my computers registry. With the virus my cpu was not able to activate the license, as the script it used was corrupted in the registry of my CPU.

After a clean wipe, and a dozen youtube videos on how to wipe your PC clean, I got it to work. Thanks :slight_smile: