BCC Lens Flare 3D in Vegas Pro 18 preview & render not same

I just started trying to use Lens Flare 3D for first time and found that what I see in preview is not what is rendering. In preview I see the flare/tracking how I set it (not great but I’m just learning and ok for test) but the render is coming out quite differently…the light source moves over and higher than I see in preview. Any ideas why this is happening?

I thought it might be as I had a velocity envelope on video source track so I rendered that separately and brought back in and tried again. Even fully redid the mocha tracking but still not rendering same as preview.

I have yet to try in a whole new project to see that works better.

Also replied to you on facebook…

if you’re actually using mocha and not simply the position param in the panel, make sure you’re rendering to the same resolution and fps as your project.

Mocha won’t interpolate when those are different and you’ll get unexpected results

I retried same clip and flare in new VP, clean, project and it worked this time. Guessing something messed up somewhere in first test project. Thanks for input.

Cool, I’ll bet $1 and a beer that you had a mismatch between the project settings and final render target such when you keyframed in Mocha, the result was out of sync movement.

Michael, are you referring to something in the BCC FX panel? where would I check this as I haven’t yet seen anything?

Not there. Your main project resolution and frame rate that were set when you do anything with Mocha must match the render settings you use when you render out to video.

Unlike most other fx settings, Mocha won’t interpolate keyframes and such in Mocha when there’s a difference between your project settings and the render settings.

For example, if your project is 1920x1080x60fps and you track something in Mocha with those settings active and then try to render to 1920x10800x30, your fx won’t be in the right place. If you render using a 60fps target, everything should look fine.

I don’t recall seeing any coverage of this anywhere but can put together an explainer if there isn’t anything.