BCC Lens Flare 3d - obscuration type "Luma" - how?

Before BCC i’ve used Knoll light factory, and it has obscuration mode “luma”, when intensivity of flare depends of background luma. How i can get the same in BCC? BCC obscuration type RGB actually the same, but it mix background colors to flare color, I dont need it.

I’m trying make alpha channel from luminance (via BCC make alpha key) and then use this channel in BCC obscuration type “Alpha”, but it doesnt work.

Can you advice a workflow? I need obscuration typy of my flare that depends only from background luminance, and dont mix background colors with flare.

Set the output of the Make Alpha filter to SHow Matte, then set the Obscuration Type to RGB. This should give you the result you’re trying to generate.

And I typically set the THreshold value in the LF3D filter to about 50.

Tried it, doesn’t work. It is blend colors with white (mate colors black and white in RGB).

This is Obscuration Type to RGB to ajustment layer with SHow Matte

This is what i want colors (Obscuration set to none)

Any ideas how to get second picture with Obscuration?

No more ideas? ( I dont want come back to Knoll Light factory, it has poor GPU acceleration… But lack colors in BBC worse (

Have you tried setting the color of the flare to white?

Also, please send me a still frame per the shot above along with the settings from the BCC Lens Flare 3D filter and I’ll personally take a look at it for you. You can reach me here peterm@borisfx.com.

Please follow these steps exactly to achieve the result that you’re looking for :slight_smile:

(1) duplicate the source clip
(2) apply the BCC Make Alpha Key filter to the duplicated clip and set the filter Output pop-up to Show Matte and adjust the Input Black and Input White to generate a usable matte with the white areas allowing the lens flare to shine and the black areas obscuring the lens flare
(3) place the duplicated clip underneath the original
(4) apply the Lens Flare 3D to the original clip
(5) set the Obscuration Map Layer to the duplicated clip and set the pop-up beside that to Source + Effects + Masks
(6) set the Obscuration Type pop-up to RGB
(7) move the flare through the image and it should not use any RGB data from the source but instead will rely totally on the duplicated layer, which is black and white

Please let me know how this works for you.


Yes, i do the same (but use adjustment layer in (1)). I tried with duplicate layer, the same.

This is my source Dropbox - File Deleted
This is my template Dropbox - File Deleted

With Obscuration none i have perfect yellow sun, with Obscuration on i have desaturated sun, example in 4th massage above.

I believe if you follow the steps that I outlined, then set the Make Alpha Key filter Output to Composite (which should output transparent pixels) Then in the Lens Flare set the Obscuration Type to Inverse Alpha and you should achieve the desired result. I’ll take your source shot and set it up for you.

I’ve attached an AE project which pretty much reflects the desired image result that you’re aiming for. You may need to make a few tweaks to get an exact match but this should be a decent starting point.

LensFlareWithObscuration.aep.zip (24.7 KB)

Yes!! That what i want! Thank you! It was not easy, much more difficult than in Knoll Luma mode, but i’ve done it with you help.

Fantastic! I’m delighted to hear that this worked out for you and that you were able to achieve the effect that you had in mind.


Update: Continuum 11.0.3 was just released (available for download from the Boris FX website) and it contains a new Luma Obscuration mode in Lens Flare 3D designed to more create the result you were looking for. When Luma Obscruation mode is selected it will modify the brightness of the flare based on the luma of the obscuration map, yet without modifying the colors in the original flare.