BCC Lens Flare 3D

On Avid 2018.12.13, how do I reposition a BCC Lens Flare 3D? The controls in the effect seem to change the flare’s camera position but not it’s physical location on screen. If I add a resize or 3d warp, or if I use the controls under Geometrics / Position, it also moves the background layer.


Well there are several on-screen control widgets, including the one for the camera which you found. :slight_smile: I’d suggest first going into the effects control panel and twirl open the group labelled Built-In (to reference the built-in light source) and then twirl open the Position XY group. Then reposition the light using the X parameter and you’ll see the widget (and the flare light source) move. Once you move it you’ll then know which on-screen control to use to reposition the flare on-screen.


The Position XY group did seem to repo the light source, but I just wanted to move the whole effect to the right and up.

Pivot Point was the closest to what I was looking for. I spent about 45 minutes trying different options. There are so many options that the documentation page was overwhelming. I guess this is for advanced users; the EZ mode in View Params didn’t help either. I guess I needed a “move it to the right” button :slight_smile:

Thanks for your quick reply. I tried calling the 800 number and selected “Support” but the only option was to leave a message.

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