BCC License Keeps Getting Revoked

I’m using BCC Beauty Studio (which I love as a product) on FCP 10.4.3 on MacOS High Sierra 10.13.6 with a BlackMagic eGPU. It’s all been working fine up until a couple of days ago – but now I’m getting licensing issues while rendering. The plugin looks normal during playback, but when I render the file has a watermark on it, and checking the BCC licensing tool shows that the license has been revoked! When I activate the license and restart FCPX it all looks fine (licensing tool shows a permanent license) – but going through any sort of rendering again revokes the license.

Any ideas?

Hi, Alex,

Which version of Continuum are you using?

Can you zip the log files found here:
and email them to me privately at:
jclement at borisfx dot com


Thank you Jason.

Its the BCC Continuum Units Beauty Studio 11.0.3. I’ve just sent over the log files. Thank you. :slight_smile:


Hi Alex,

What don’t quite understand is why the product was working fine and then suddenly began to behave in the way you describe. What changes have been made to the system between the time that it worked and the time it began to fail? Also, have you tried removing the eGPU to see if it’s related to that?



Hi Peter,

That’s also a mystery to me too! I haven’t installed any updates to any software (as far as I’m aware) and no other new software has been installed. I was away for a week (the laptop was with me), and when I got back it started misbehaving.

It does seem to be something to do with the eGPU… If I let it render with the eGPU it’s fine unless I switch away and then back to FCPX at some point during the render. Then it seems to unlicensed Beauty Studio.

Disconnecting the eGPU seems to revert to normal behaviour – it renders (so far) with no removal of the license, and I’ve been tabbing back and forth.

It’s weird that this setup did appear to be working before – although the whole eGPU thing so far has been so full of quirks and workarounds, that I’m now not 100% sure that I ever followed this exact behaviour. Normally I leave to render overnight and don’t touch the machine.

Nope! I take it back… It’s just done the same WITHOUT the eGPU! It rendered for 34s 15f (@25fps) the first time. Then 37s 24f the second time before the watermark showed up and it reported as unlicensed.

Hi Alex,

Very interesting alright. So at least there’s a workaround so you can render and export without watermarking. We’ll think about this some to see if we can figure out why the license fails when you are working with the system while it’s rendering with the eGPU attached.

I wonder if this issue is affecting other 3rd party plug-ins in FCPX. If you have any other 3rd party filters installed on that system, perhaps you could do a render test and let us know the result. We don’t need to know the names of the other 3rd party effects, just whether they also have this license failure under the same circumstances.