BCC Lightning effect

Hello everyone, new member here. I have been editing with Lightworks free version for a few weeks and decided to purchase the Pro version and the Boris FX packages that came with it. Am pumped to get the effects in my clips. Now, I have started a project in the Star Wars universe type for personal use only. I used the Lightning effect and tweeked it so that it is now a straight bolt instead of the typical lightning. I want to use these bolts as weapons fire coming from either an x-wing and/or a tie fighter and those fighters tangling together.

My question is: is this sort of effects possible with Boris or will I need to go over to Fusion in order to get the desired effects. I do not have After Effects so that is out of the equation for me. Thanks very much everyone. Cheers!


Hi Danny,

The effect that you’re trying to generate should totally be possible with Boris FX filters. You’ll probably have to manually track the ends of the lightning bolt but apart from that it should be a fairly easy and straightforward process.

There are quite a few tutorials available online that deal with use of the Lightning filter - here’s the result of a search of our own video archives :


Hi Peter

Thanks for your reply. I have spent the weekend looking at videos and am starting to understand the process. Am going to go through some parts of the Boris manual and it’s tutorials to get a grasp on the effects. Cheers mate