BCC+Looks install hanging

I have tried to install BCC+ Looks, several times. Downloaded the package and started the installation. The install “hangs” on removing unauthorized plugins. How long does it take to remove unauthorized plugins? Can they be removed manually? Which ones should be left?

To start with can you please provide system details - hardware, OS version, BCC Looks installer version? And did you have Continuum for fxplug installed previously on this system or is this the first continuum installation?


Sorry I meant to provide more information. I am on a silicone Mac running the latest Monterey version (haven’t upgraded to Ventura yet.) I am not sure the Looks version number. I just downloaded loaded it a few days ago. No I have not had Continuum installed before.

I’m guessing you machine does not have Rosetta2 installed. Why the Continuum plugin would run natively there might be parts of the installer itself that would require Rosetta2 to be installed on Apple Silicon macs. You could try running this from Terminal and then rerunning the Continuum installer:
/usr/sbin/softwareupdate --install-rosetta

I am not sure. DoI need to install the plug-ins u de the Administrative account of just a Standard account? What about the terminal instruction? I tried installing in Safe mode and ran into the same issue. I opened FCP and looked at all the BCC effects. All had a giant “X” through them. Which I guess is to be expected. Even the one effect that Dylan Bate (FinalCutBro) was “X’ed” out. The installer did say that my license was successfully activated.

I’m unclear. Did the rosetta install from terminal appear to succeed? Did this change the behavior of the Continuum installer hang at all or did you get the same hang? If the installer said your license was successfully activated, try applying a fresh instance of the effect and see if it still watermarks. (The host may be caching the results of previous effect instances.)

Yes the Rosetta install looked like it succeeded. But I ran the installer again and same problem. It just sits there at the deletion window. I let it “cook” for about 5 minutes.

The one plugin that should have worked - BCC Film Style - had a big red “X” through it. I had run the uninstalled before attempting the new.


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OK, thanks.

-Can you please send a screenshot of the hung state?

-Can you please email the BCC.log file to me directly (rather than posting it on the public forum.) You can send it to jclement at borisfx dot com
The log file itself can be found here:

To find the log file if your Library folder is set to hidden on mac you can do the following:
-In the Finder, hold down the Option key when selecting the Go menu. Library will appear in the list. Once you see this, click on this Library option, and then go into the Logs folder, and then into the BorisFX folder. Inside there you’ll find the BCC.log file.