BCC + Looks is just...blank

Hi. I can’t get the free BCC + Looks to do…anything…in FCPX 10.6.5. I have tried completely uninstalling and reinstalling, and all that happens when I apply the effect on a clip and go into FX Editor is a blank pop up screen with ‘Cancel’ and ‘Apply’ at the bottom. But there’s literally nothing to cancel or apply. Uploading a screen recording to show what I mean. I’m on a 2014 MacBook Pro running Big Sur 11.7.6. Help?

Hello Paulajean,

Well this is a strange one and it’s the first report that we’ve had of this problem. I wonder if the Continuum preferences have somehow become damaged or if the installer failed. Let’s remove the BorisFX software and remove the preference files, reinstall the product and relaunch to see if that helps. We’ll also restart the machine.

So go to this location :


and remove any files that have borisfx in the name. Next, uninstall the BCC Lights filter using the BorisFX uninstaller. Then restart the machine.

Next redownload the free BCC+ Lights installer and install the software onto your system, launch FCP, apply the BCC+ Lights filter to a clip and launch the FX Editor.

I hope this helps.


That worked! :raised_hands:
Thanks, Peter!

Fantastic … delighted to hear that worked and thank you for taking the time to let me know.


Hi, what is the difference between Bcc and Bcc + effects? i have both in After Effects, for example BCC Video Glitch and BCC + Video Glitch.

Hi John,

We’re in the process of a total revamp of the Continuum codebase to produce faster effects that are 100% GPU powered with a full CPU fallback. This provides users with hardware acceleration across the BCC+ portion of the package and full coverage for headless render farms that do not have a GPU to process the effects.

The legacy BCC filters are a mixed bag with regard to GPU acceleration - some have it, some do not.

Another benefit to the BCC+ filters is the FX Editor, which is more powerful than the legacy BCC FX Browser. As the names suggest, the FX Editor enables users to navigate presets, fine tune them within the custom FX Editor GUI and save out custom presets. The legacy FX Browser in the BCC effects enabled users to pick from the factory installed and custom presets but all of the fine tuning had to be done back in the host; ditto for saving out custom presets.

So these are just a few of the powerful advantages to the new BCC+ filter set and at some stage we will obsolete the legacy versions but not right now.

I hope this helps!


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Thanks for explaining that,
For me using Vegas 20, any video format, ProRes, MP4… it’s pretty much still a browser, the on screen controls are nice but playback is a snails pace & can quite often result in the Editor crashing,
Adobe AE it works 100 times better tho,
Just sharing, you don’t need to reply, I know Vegas is …:wink: