BCC Match Grain Support

Hi there,

While being a heavy Mocha Pro user since a long time and thus chatting some time ago with Mary, I’ve never had questions about other part of your products here, so let’s quickly get to it :
I’m into Fusion, Resolve and Mocha, and my question here is about the BCC Match Grain OFX inside Fusion 9 (and maybe a bit about Light wrap but I thing I sorted things out), because I’m pulling greenscreen keys a lot.

I’ve been building a sort of rock solid nodes workflow inside Fusion for years, with everything needed to face almost any professional situations.
Now, with some co-workers, I want to take time to test alternatives to the finishing parts of a key : the light wrap and fine tuning footage match…

Basically, I don’t understand how to use the BCC match grain ofx node right, even after watching the online help page, which (1) doesn’t show any quick steps, (2) mainly refers to layers NLE plug-ins, more : (3) BG and FG inputs seems to be - for some unknown reasons - not the same (inverted, including inputs colors) as every other nodes inside Fusion.

So, what am I supposed to pipe into what to start it right ?
Do you have suggestions about the average way to achieve it ?
maybe killer features/options not to forget ?

Hope it’s not too long here :slightly_smiling_face:, thx in advance


Thanks for reaching out about this issue. So although all of the filters form the Continuum 2020 package will indeed appear in the Fusion tab, this is not fully supported just yet. They should operate as expected in Resolve but not Fusion. We’ll try to shore up support for Fusion but I don’t have a roadmap to share with you on that just yet.


Hey Peter,

Thx for this answer.
FYI, if we focus on Light Wrap for instance, I didn’t tell it didn’t work : I can do what it is supposed to do, compare windows, side by side or show wrap only/wrap only on black BG, all of these functions work ok. So not only they show up in Fusion but it works if one can figure out how to properly use inputs…

Also, I was writing about Fusion standalone anyway, not the tab inside Resolve (let’s call it ReFusion).

So ok, I understand your focus is on classic NLEs, but you know, who is really going to pull a perfect key in a layer based app anyway ? :wink:
And Light Wrap for example is really a tool for this, so imho, as a suggestion, some of your OFX should have tutorials in node based environment, especially those which are really dedicated to compositing.
(Ask Dan Harvey, I saw he can do that well :wink:)

Thx again