BCC MatchMove tutorials?

I’m looking for some straightforward Matchmove tutorials in Avid- I have Googled and watched what I could find but nothing has really helped me.
I have 4 tracks - the top track’s movement is the movement that needs to be tracked and applied to the tracks below. I’ve used Pixelchooser to roto out the talent on the top layer.
Below is a body part roto’d out on a track and below that another body part roto’d out.
At the bottom is a clean background plate.
So I but the Matchmove effect on the top track, track a rock on the ground(the talent moves as well in the shot). Once I’ve closed the Mocha tracker - the clip seems to have moved in a weird position… I have keyframed it back into position. Is this correct? But neither does it look like the background on track 1 has taken the movement from track 4.
I feel like I’m missing something elementary.
All the tutorials I have found refers to tracking data that is exported and then imported but I don’t see that capability in the Continuum 2022 version that I have.
Any help is welcome.