BCC Mocha Continuum - Error Pixels used

I have been using Continuum 12.5.1 trall and was interested in the New Match Move ( Mocha ) which I am using with Magix Vegas. I used to use the Move Match in BCC8 but Magix Vegas V17 does not support it , hence the 12.5.1 trial version. Whilst I am familiar with the overall function and syntax with error messages I get this message .

One or more layers were not tracked properly.
Try increasing the minimum percentage of pixels used.

I have search the WEB and found various tutorials on this subject where is says " Try increasing the pixel from 0% as if there is a slider or Box to input a percentage

I have looked in all the drop down menus are just can’t find this Pixel adjustment.
Even the BORIS info mentions it but does not tell you were it is

Can anyone advise… Thanks in advance…pixels%20used

If you want to access this parameter, switch from Essentials mode to Classic mode workspace.

Under the Tracking tab, you will find the % parameter. If that does not help, most likely the issue is the shape you created might not be focusing on “planar” data. Any of the knowledge in general Mocha tutorials focused on tracking can be applied to Mocha inside Continuum. Here is a good one: Boris FX | Mocha Explainer: Understanding co-planar and the surface

Good luck

Hello Rosss

I much appreciate your reply…I can now see why I could not find that setting in Essentials :slight_smile:
I have now set it to 100% to see if it improves. ( see pic . I assume this is the correct place in CLASSIC )
Th scene I am using is fast moving so I guess it is not the best to try and track,
Thanks again for the information… Much appreciated.


No problem. If you want post a screen grab or video of the shot with your attempt , we could potentially determine if the shot is trackable. :nerd_face:

Hello Rosss

Seems I have been trying to do something that BCC Mocha Can’t do in Magix Vegas 16 or 17
In my old BCC version BBC 8 OFX with Match Move it was reasonably straight forward to track the background layer and the add a second Track in Vegas to follow the keyframes.

In this Continuum 12.5.1 ( trial Version ) of Mocha Match Move, it seems that whilst there is a basic tracking option. ( see insert Pics ), it is not possible to NOT used the Basic Tracking and use the Spline Tracking. If I remove the basic Tracking and use the spline, it does follow the outlined action but they is no way to link it to ( or add Insert ) to follow the tracking.

I have watched several tutorials and even chatted on other forums and the message it that the Spline tracking does not work with Magix Vegas 17 ( or any other version of Vegas ) and only the basic tracking will work. The Help files that are in this version do show how it is done in AF and then the help files say More information about Vegas, but it just give a list… Can you advise me if I am missing something or are the forums correct that it is not designed to work In Magix Vegas

In your Help File for Vegas, there is no information about this spline tracking - working or Not working,

So just to re-cap. I can track with the Basic tracker but while the Spline with track the object, there is no way to link the insert image. I have tried --what I think - is all the option on the Mocha layout where there are selection for Link to Track and Input. I notice on other versions there is a option to Add clip which doe not appear on this version. Any guidance would be gratefully appreciated…Regards


The 2019.5 version of BCC MatchMove is indeed supported in Vegas 17. The workflow I suggest is …

(1) Stack the insert on track 1, and the background on track 2.
(2) Apply the BCC MatchMove filter to the video on track 1. Set MM Foreground to Source A and MM Background to Source B.
(3) Click the Mocha Motion Tracker button to enter the Mocha custom UI.
(4) Position the Absolute Search area shape and the Absolute crosshair point over the source to be tracked.
(5) Track the video
(6) Close Mocha UI and in Vegas, scrub or play the timeline to confirm that the insert is tracked to the background. Use the Offset X and Offset Y to reposition the insert as needed.

I hope this helps!


I may have confused you with my previous lengthy email :slight_smile:

I can track with the Basic Tracker ( Absolute Cross hair and the Area square around it… ).Although I have to do it different to your explanation… I have to put the Video I want to track on Track 1, and the Insert I want to replace the tracked area on Track 2. I then have to make the selections MM foreground to B and MM background to A.
It just maybe I am not interpreting your words correctly.

You also mention “Apply the BCC MatchMove filter to the video on track 1” I can’t see anywhere on the Menu those words…? Maybe you can advise me,

Question 2.
The part I can’t get to work is when I go into the Mocha custom UI and instead of using the Basic tracker I want to use the Spline tracker where I can draw around an object.
There is no way to DISABLE the Basic tracker .
So, How do I disable the Basic tracker and just use the spline tracker… and what settings do I need to link it to the Insert track

I much appreciate you expertise


Hi There,

So … in the Mocha UI there is a small gear / cog icon next to each layer. This is called the “Process Cog” and when it’s visible Mocha will try to track the pixels in the shape on that layer. To prevent Mocha from tracking that shape you must disable the Process Cog, which you can do by clicking it.

I strongly suggest that you review some of the tutorials that we have available here, which will help with your understanding of how to use the Continuum and Mocha products in the Vegas host :



I have already looked at all of those Tutorial relating to Vegas ( and all the others on Vimeo and YouTube, BUT there is no tutorial with reference to the 2019 12.5. ( or even 2018 ) Continuum Mocha Track Motion version using the SPLINE tracking, only a different version ( 5.5.2 ) which has a slightly different Classic type interface where there is a INPUT clip dropdown to add the Clip. ( just escaping and saving it back to the Vegas timeline does not work in the same was as the Basic Tracking version (Square box with Absolute ) .
As I mentioned before, I have asked on many other User forums about how to add the Clip to the Spline tracking ( which works ) and the answer are YOU CAN’T, or they have also not yet found the way tot do it.
The basic version is OK and easy to work and very similar to BCC8.
Since Magix Vegas has blocked all earlier versions on Boris FX with V17, I will have to use my earlier Vegas V16 version and continue with BCC8 tracking ( seems more accurate than 2019 Basic )until a Forum user can work to how it is done ( if at all possible with Magix Vegas.)

Anyway, that’s for all your comments. If someone solves it I will let you know.