BCC Motion Blur - iMacPro Crash

I have some 2k Alexa footage that was shot off speed. I’m bringing it back to “normal” speed, but it looks too sharp and choppy. This seems like the perfect place to use BCC Motion Blur’s Advance feature (other options would be RSMB or AE Pixel Motion Blur). But every time I apply it to a clip it hard locks up my computer (like no response from the mouse or keyboard, hard beach ball spinning). I’ve also tried nesting and other clips but I get the same results. Is anyone else experiencing this? I’m running, macOS 10.13.6, Pr 13.1, & BCC 12.0.4.

Hi, Sam,

The Advanced Motion Blur option is GPU accelerated with a library that is sensitive to GPU hardware. It is likely that this library is failing on your particular combination of GPU + driver + OS. You could try upgrading the GPU driver, but this might unfortunately be a limitation of the current library. We will research ways to make this Advanced option less dependent on GPU specifics.


Do you think upgrading to macOS 10.14 would be a good idea? I’ve also found a variety of performance with plugins when switching back and forth between OpenCL and Metal. Is one more recommended by Boris?


It’s possible that upgrading to 10.14 would help, but frankly not likely. It’s more likely an issue with the specific GPU - but not so easy to tweak that on Mac. As far as whether to use OpenCL or Metal in general, that probably doesn’t affect the performance of the Boris plugins themselves at this stage since we’re using our own GPU pipeline, not the host’s pipeline. So whichever gives you the better performance in your host overall is likely to be fine as far as our plugins are concerned.

Cool cool. Am I correct to assume that Sapphire also use it’s own GPU pipeline? I know they are only CUDA accelerated, but I never understood if they were able to use the GPU on this iMacPro.

Just wanted to follow up. I am still getting crashes with this plugin set to advanced. I am currently running macOS 10.14.6 with the Radeon Pro Vega 64 16GB, After Effects 16.1.2 with the project set to OpenCL.

Hi, Sam,

Yes, unfortunately the Advanced motion blur option appears to be failing on your GPU/OS/driver combination. We hope to upgrade this option to be more robust across a wider range of GPUs, but we don’t have a specific timeframe that we can offer at this point.


I was just about to start a new topic about this but found this old thread.

I’m having this same problem although I was using 4K footage.
2019 Mac Pro with 3.2 GHz 16-Core Intel Xeon
AMD Radeon Pro Vega II Duo 32 GB
256 GB memory
running Catalina 10.15.7

Oh, and it’s a really extreme crash. The fans in the computer start revving up and get really loud after it crashes. On one try my entire computer froze and I had to just do a hard shutdown. The fans were really loud. On my other tries, it just crashed AE but the fans still revved up.

hope this helps,

Hope this