BCC Motion Blur won't render

I’m using BCC Motion Blur on my Uncompressed AVI video files. Everything looks great in the application, I can render out preview files. However, when I try to render via export or Media Encoder (14.01), the motion blur will not render, whether I’m using the GPU or Software.
If I use Software rendering, sometimes the blur will appear in the export window (never with GPU). Even if it appears in the export window, still the final render will not show the motion blur.

I’m using Premiere CC 2020, v. 14.01, on a Windows 10 Pro 64-bit, Threadripper Processor, and 4x Geforce 1080ti GPUs, 128Gigs of Memory.

So far we haven’t been able tor reproduce in-house. Are you using the default Simple option for Optical Flow Method or are you using Advanced (which is more likely to run into GPU conflicts)? If you’re using Advanced mode, does the issue go away if you switch to Simple? What media size and render/export settings are you using?


Hi, the problem I found was that I had a setting that basically nullified the effect. However, rendering in the app actually showed the effect.

So, I guess I found out that the problem isn’t that rendering is wrong, the actually way the preview is behaving is wrong.

Interesting. Would you be able to share a saved preset or project file (without media) that demonstrates the problem? You could send it privately if you’d prefer via direct messaging through the forum or by emailing to jclement at boris fx dot com.